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What is LichtYoga?

Yoga means connection, first connection with yourself, connection with others and with nature, water, earth, fire and ether. Light understands sunlight, which gives us light and life.

LichtYoga is the connection with the light, with the sunlight!

  • „Union“
  • „Joch“
  • „Connection“

with you, with your neighbor, with nature, with everything and everything that is “is”. What is LichtYoga?

LichtYoga is the combination of various yoga, light pranayama, Sound and energy techniques. A gentle introduction to yoga and different traditions from West and East in an essential way practiced and learned.

It comes from Brazil and is the first South American Yoga, SarvaYoga, which connects and potentiates all other kinds in itself.(

All levels, mind, soul and body are activated, regenerated, balanced, flooded and enlightened the sound and energy of the universe.

LichtYoga has a positive effect on the entire organism, strengthens and strengthens the back, legs, neck and abdominal muscles, it ensures good blood circulation to the brain, spine and pelvic area, which are normally insufficiently supplied with oxygenated blood due to our upright posture.

  • It cleanses the lungs, sinuses, and respiratory tract,
  • strengthens the nervous system,
  • promotes digestion,
  • promotes energy and vitality,
  • tightens waist, stomach and buttocks,
  • helps with intervertebral disc damage,
  • rejuvenates, expands the consciousness of mind, soul and body, light cells are activated, stimulated, awaken in their light cell process and in all light body levels,
  • emotional, mental, psychic, causal, subtle body levels, Growth and expansion of consciousness with steadfastness.

Maria Inês de Moura Lima Käpplinger